Message in a Bottle….


Usually I only post one “Christmas post” around this time of year, and that is usually around the theme of “what i am most thankful for this year”.  Well today moved me to write another post, which I am hoping will now become a regular feature as I  was moved beyond words.

This morning was my Autistic sons prize giving and I arrived with much excitement, as I always have in the previous years.  My heart is always touched by the way I see progress in not only my son, but in his peers as well, as they have all had a place in my heart since he started at this school .

And so today, my message may not come in the form of a message in a bottle, but it comes in the form of a message from my heart..

Today as I entered the school I was met with amazing artwork, not only by the children but by the teachers as well!

Then the many messages in a bottle caught my eye.  Although these were the programme of events of the morning it meant so much more to me…..  These many bottles of messages represented every time I had been met with a hardship along our journey.  It was the many times I had prayed and “thrown my message into the sea”up to the Lord.  It was the many times I had bottled up the hurt of judgement, the hurt of difficult times, the hurt of blaming myself for my childs Autism.  All of those bottles represented a piece of me that I had either let go of – (thrown into the sea) – or that I am still holding on too (to be thrown into the sea when I am ready.)


My wish at that point (when looking at these “messages”) was that someone who needs too,  finds my message in a bottle to them; (perhaps in one of the blogs I have left behind)  and that they could possibly hold onto that hope, the very hope that I found from others who have walked this path before me!  Because believe it or not, we are not alone, many have walked this path before us.

The prize giving then started and I couldn’t help but be excited when I saw how far the little children, that Jordan had started with, had progressed – into these amazing boys and girls.  Kids who hardly spoke (which Jordan didn’t until he was five/six) were acting and dancing and doing choral verses on stage in front of an audience!  I was amazed!

Then came the slideshow of the past year – What our kids got up too over the year! Amazeballs!!! – And THIS  is when I got emotional! (yes, agreed, I can be a nerd). But the waterworks started and I found it very difficult to switch them off!!!  The tears started flowing when on the slideshow of “celebrations” was Happy 13th birthday Jordan with photos of his party at school.  And it hit me like a ton of bricks –  we have come so far, we have worked hard, and we have made so many accomplishments!  We had reached the teenage years and have made it!  Made it in so may ways!!!.

The tears were of thanks!  Not only for the progress but for the very people who had helped us along our journey.  From the therapists to the amazing teachers that have been in Jordans life.  I remembered back to when he first started at this school (non-verbal, non-potty trained, non-communicative) and then through the very dedication of the teachers I saw him grow.  Together we reached the teenage years – the happy 13th Birthday! – and thus my emotions overflowed!…….. – Yes, we all worked hard and it was worth every tear – even todays ones because they were tears of shear joy and appreciation.

I watched those teachers today. Theirs is not a job. Its a calling. They want to be there and they have made such an impact on our children – I will be forever grateful! Grateful for the way they give of their time to help and grow our children – You are extremely special to me.

And so like I said, my message comes from my heart, but I am throwing it out there as if it were a message in a bottle  –  “Believe in your child, believe in yourself, believe in progress because it WILL happen, no matter how dim the outlook may be at the time always just believe” And along the way do not forget to give thanks to those who have helped you/your child along your journey, the teachers, the therapists, the doctors the schools, all of who believe in our kids.   They are the very ones who help us in helping our children reach their full potential.

And so, to everyone who has had an influence on my childs life (and mine) Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have touched our lives more than I can say.  And to all of those finding my message in a bottle, find strength in the knowledge that there are people out there who will help you and your child reach your dreams.


Well Done Jord!  I couldn’t be prouder – You are on your way to accomplishing great things xxxxx


One thought on “Message in a Bottle….

  1. Thanks Deb, for your blog. You have been so cheerful and always encouraging! Looking forward to reading about the next year in Jordy’s life.

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