Christmas 2017

Usually in November  I, like a child, start looking forward to Christmas. The reason for this is;  this is the time I tend to reflect over the year, I tend to think about the past year and what I am thankful for for Christmas.  This is the time of year where my first blog post started……., this was the time of year where I started to feel grateful for the blessings received over the year.

I started writing my blog in 2014 already!!!!  and even though the 3 years feels like a lifetime ago – it has nothing on the 10 years of experience with Autism, it has nothing on the 10 years of blessings.

Its amazing how every year reflects something new on our journey, and its even more amazing that every year seems to top the last!

When we first started out (before the diagnosis) I was confused – I had NO idea why my child was behind in speech, behaviour, relating to friends etc. After diagnosis I was even more confused – What was Autism?….I had never heard of it before!, what was I to do? what did this mean?

But as time went on I started to (partially) understand, I started putting things into perspective and finally WE started moving forward in our journey, (as previous posts have highlighted).

This year has highlighted progress- thankfully yet again!! BUT this year has also highlighted something else for me and that was a “disappointment in diagnosis”

Let me explain:-  When Jordan was first diagnosed i was thankful in having a REASON.  A reason for the delay in speech, a reason for the behaviour that was not the norm, a reason for many things. BUT this year has highlighted that Others, because of the diagnosis, have classed EVERYTHING as being autistic. Every tantrum, every outburst, every issue is because of Autism.  This perhaps is not always the case.  And this has certainly irritated me this year!! BUT on the bright side it has enabled me to address this issue this year and hopefully I have been able to correct this misconception.

And so, I am thankful of being able to try and teach those around me, however difficult it may be at the time.

and so for me this year has seen progress.  I am happy.  I have been able to educate. But whats more, my child is happy!  He is looking forward to Christmas, he is looking forward to his Grandparents being here for Christmas morning (10 years ago, he would not have been able to express his excitement for this, and we would have been the ones who missed out).

And so this year what I am looking forward to most this Christmas is the simple things – peoples understanding, families being together, families being able to express their happiness of being together, children’s excitement, children’s ability to express this excitement and just taking the whole feeling of Christmas into my heart..  I could say this excitement is probably more exciting than waiting for Santa to come down the Chimney!!

I am excited that this year my heart is full, fuller than the last – and that is the best Christmas gift anyone can have!!!

And so this year, I hope your heart is full, I hope you are looking for the simple things, the simple blessings, the wonderful feelings…… and if not then this is my wish for you this Christmas xxxx





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