30 Seconds….

What can you accomplish in 30 seconds??

How can your life change in 30 seconds??

Do you realise that 30 seconds can mean different things to different people accomplishing different things or travelling different paths??

Today 30 seconds brought a lot of realisation into our journey. …

I thought back…..

It took 30 seconds for my world to collapse into the unknown when Jordan was first diagnosed.

It took 30 seconds between each emotion (or so it felt) when I got the initial diagnosis.

BUT it took more than 30 seconds to work through all of the emotions, the heartache, the therapy, the hard work to get us to where we are.

30 seconds can change a lot!!

But what did 30 seconds show me today…..

……and yes, I am now talking about the game….

30 seconds highlighted how far our journey has taken us (EXTREMELY FAR), 30 seconds highlighted our accomplishments (EXTREMELY GREAT) 30 seconds, highlighted what we have to accomplished (EXTREMELY GREAT THIGS)….

Because it wasn’t 30 seconds ago (or so it feels) that my child was completely mute, it wasn’t 30 seconds ago (or so it feels) that we were using toys to get eye contact, it wasn’t 30 seconds ago (or so it feels) that we were using picture cards as our form of speech, it wasn’t 30 seconds ago (or so it feels) that I longed for my child to talk!  and now this evening my son was taking part in the actual game of 30 seconds!!!

He was on my TEAM, he was DESCRIBING the word he needed to describe without giving the word itself! He was doing an AWESOME job and we made an AWESOME team!! With my descriptions he guessed the answer and we only lost to dad and brother by 2 points!!

Who would have thought a few years ago (which feels like 30 seconds ago) my autistic child would be playing family games?  and playing them so well!

And so 30 seconds can make a difference to many situations….




One thought on “30 Seconds….

  1. Indeed Debbie, we all know just how much can happen in a mere 30 seconds! But no one can know what a ½ minute can mean in the life and journey that you and Jordan have taken (and obviously still are taking). Mom & I join you in marveling at the enormous strides and achievements you all enjoy in the progress of Jordan! Well done to everyone, Gavin, Dylan, Jordan and most of all you!

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