Birthday Wishes

I am so excited!!!  and no it is not MY birthday,… autistic son is turning 11!  So what is causing the excitement you ask?

I am excited about the progress he has made.  To a point of running through the house now singing “Its two more sleeps till my birthday, its two more sleeps to my birthday ”  It seems like just the other day he was not interested in birthdays, birthday parties, presents etc.  I used to open up his gifts – he was not interested, he was not excited he didn’t care who was coming to his party or whether he actually had one.

He is so excited this year, so much so, you would never have guessed he had the kind of background he has had.  And hence I am excited!!  I am excited that he could tell me what birthday cake he wanted, what he is hoping to get as presents, who he would like at his party. I am excited that he shows genuine interest in the party packets i have made and is excited to help me pack them.  I am excited that he is excited!

But I am also excited about something else…..I am excited at the fact that Jordans brother has become such a caring and compassionate person.  Who has accepted his brother for who he is.  Dylan came with me today to do all of the party purchases –  picking out presents and party things.  One of the things he picked out was a trophy with the inscription on it “For the worlds best brother”, he put it into the shopping basket and told me how excited he was to give it to Jordan along with all the other gifts. – I am so proud – I have two boys who really love and care for each other, yes they do have their fights, but at the end of the day there is nothing that can come between that brotherly love, nothing can break that bond and nothing will stop the compassion that has been instilled in both of them.

And so on monday when Jordan blows out his candles I will silently wish for what I do every year, continued progress and enough love amongst our family members that we can face the next challenge and the next phase in our lives.


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