“The girl of my dreams”……..

When your child is diagnosed with a dissability or some sort of “difference to the norm” all of your hopes and dreams seem to (to put it bluntly) die.  You begin to think that they will never lead a normal life and will be dependant on you always.  Whilst for some this unfortunately may be a reality, for others you may be shocked that your child can develop “normally” but slightly different….

I had accepted that Jordan would be different, he wouldn’t develop as his brother has, he probably would never be interested in girls or the “normal” things boys are interested in and that was ok.  I had resigned myself to always be there for my boy and to face the worry of one day not being able to be there for him when my time on earth was done…… Boy was i in for a shock this evening! 😉

My eldest sons club rugby started this evening and off we went to the club for the first practice of the season.  Jordan, has thankfully come such a far way that he goes off to play on his own.  Tonight this meant on the bank just below where we were sitting.  I saw a little girl go over to him (probably about two years older than him) and the two of them started chatting.  She then moved off and Jordan carried on playing on his own.

A little while later Jordan came to me and said “mom Ive met the girl of my dreams”  “Her name is Rebecca”:)   Not thinking anything into the situation, thinking he was reciting something he had heard on a programme.  I said, ok thats nice my boy and said well where did you meet her.  he didn’t answer and went back to where he was playing.  I of course didn’t give it a second thought.

My eldest son called me to come and do his registration for the year with the club officials and when I came back this same little girl from the bank earlier was standing with Jordan.  Low and behold, too my amazement my autistic son introduced me….. “Mom this is Rebecca”.  (absolutely flabbergasted) I replied, hi Rebecca, how are you?.  She chatted to me for a bit and I established which school she went too, how she was enjoying her school holidays etc.

On the way home I smiled and said to Jordan.  I like your friend Rebecca.  He said yes,  and then I decided to take it a bit further and ask him some questions about her to see if he knew.  I asked him what grade she was in.  he replied 5 (which was my estimate)  I asked him which school she went too, he replied (and was correct) and I asked him well if she went to that school where did he think she lived and he replied to the correct area for that school location.  Had my son just have a meaningful discussion and interaction with a little girl that would open my eyes to the fact that he has come further in his journey than I thought he had!! ……. indeed he did!!!!

And so Rebecca, not only are you the girl of my 10 year olds dreams 😉 , you have enabled me to dream for my boy far past what I had become to believe was possible for him.  You have opened my eyes again to the possibilities that await us and the dreams that can become a reality! The dreams that he WILL fulfil the life that I had once thought would not be a possibility.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the fact that sometimes when we think all hope is lost, it comes knocking on the door again and for enabling me to begin to believe in my hopes and dreams for my son for the future.



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