A mothers love is endless, unconditional and able to survive anything!

We love our kids with an unconditional love.  No matter what they do or say our love never falters or fades or changes.  We love every part of them .  We  would do anything for them.  We would take away any hurt or pain if we could.  We would walk to the end of the earth for them.  We would fight any battle for them.  We would stand up for them and at times speak up for them if the need arises.

We love them from the day they are born !

We don’t even need them to tell us that they love us back.


imagine how big my smile is at this moment after fetching Jordan today from school and after all the usual greetings he says “I love you mom!”and if thats not enough he asks me why I think he loves me.  Before I can answer he says “Because you hug me when I’m sad, you look after me, you help me do things right””you the best mother a boy could have”.

It feels as though Ive won the lotto 🙂




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