More progress… I ready for this?

Well this weekend was an exciting one….took the boys to the rugby.  Although we have been before this visit will stand out in my memory for a while.

The Sharks against the Lions – hence the reason to go to the stadium.  You see our family is divided 2 x Lion supporters, 2 x Sharks supporters 🙂   If we watch a game at home we even have a “Lions couch” and a “Sharks couch” 😉 .  Hubby & Dylan = Lions, Jordan and I = Sharks

Previously when visiting the stadium, we go prepared….ipad, samsung tablet, angry birds game, books, cars etc. to keep Jordan amused. This time although I had all of this luggage Jordan was taking part in the game!

He was shouting for the Sharks, waving to Sharkie and was very excited.  His brother was waving his Lions flag (in hope, which didn’t pay off 🙂 ) and Jordan turned to me and said and where is my Sharks flag mom.  I was blown away, he had never taken so much interest and so the Sharks flag was unfortunately at home!!  (Will never forget that again).  Although a little irritated that mom didn’t bring his flag he carried on supporting the Sharks.  Shouting for them and even mockingly asking his dad what the score was now (every time the sharks scored).  With a great big smile on his face – he has quite the sense of humour!!

I think I spent most of my time watching Jordan rather than watching the Sharks!  What an awesome game!!

But, the progress, that maybe Im not ready for is………

This afternoon we were outside the front of our property as there is a bank that Jordan loves to slide down.  A mom and her two daughters came walking past and her girls started sliding with Jordan and the three of them were having a chat whilst the mom and i chatted.

It turns out they have recently moved into our complex, a month ago, and stay two houses away from us.  The little girl, who is 6 asked me if Jordan could go to her house to play.  I said ok although she can ask him as I wasn’t sure he would go.  (had explained to the mom about his autism).  To my amazement he said yes, and off they went!!  and I had to watch my child walk off on his first official play date without me.

I am writing this post in absolute silence.  Dylan is at his friends in the complex and Jordan has made a friend and has been at their house for about half an hour now  (Im counting the minutes), and i find that all of the nervousness of when Dylan first went on his first play date is resurfacing!!  My nerves are shot!!

Although I know in my heart it is a big step! A huge leap of confidence and I have to let him go!  My little boy is no longer little.  He no longer needs me to hold his hand.  He no longer needs me to speak for him.  He can make his own mind up, answer for himself and is confident enough to go to a strange house on his own.  He is ready, but I am sitting here asking myself whether I am.

Excellent progress but boy it is difficult to let go 😉

Hooray…..He’s just gotten home – I can now breath again 🙂


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