The Tooth Mouse brought more than just money.

Last night we were visited by the tooth mouse.  However not only did he bring money for the tooth he brought back the feeling of excitement……

When Jordy was younger I remember him not taking an interest in the tooth mouse, Christmas, Birthday’s etc.  He would for example be given a present which he would just put down and carry on with what he was doing.  Not give the time of day to the person giving him the gift or in fact the gift itself.  Dylan or I would open the gift and give it too Jord.  Over the years as Jordys progress became greater he started taking an interest.  Such as helping to decorate the Christmas tree, singing carols, getting excited for his birthday parties, ripping gifts open and being purely excited.

Yesterday he pulled his own loose tooth out at school.  Kept it safe. Showed it to me when i fetched him and brought it inside when we got home.  He went straight to his room.  When I asked him what he had done with it he said “put it under my pillow of course” for the “tooth mouse of course” and showed genuine excitement that the mouse would be visiting 😉

Thankfully the mouse remembered to visit late last night 😉

What an awesome start to the day to hear and excited “Wow I got money”coming from Jordys room this morning.  My heart was even pounding with excitement.  He ran through shouting “Look what I got”with a huge smile on his face.

And so not only did the mouse bring money, he also brought memories of how far we have come, how great the progress has been and how exciting it is to have a child that had been disinterested in the world around him become this most amazing little boy who is so focused and enjoying his life to the full.

And although we still have challenges we can meet them with faith that we can overcome them, excitement that we can enjoy special moments and most of all we can appreciate the small things that others take for granted.  Today I felt so much joy – its great to get excited for the tooth mouse 🙂


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