Can a positive come out of a negative……..indeed it can!

Today I took my boys down to the complex pool and boy did we make a grand entrance!

With todays extreme heat there were lots of people at the pool. Some swimming, some sitting in the shade of the trees.

As soon as we walked into the pool area Jordan realised he didn’t have his goggles.  And so started the meltdown…”I need my goggles now!” oh my word – I didn’t even notice the goggles were missing as he is usually so good at taking all of his things down to the pool.  I had to think fast!!….Knowing all too well that I couldn’t take him away from the pool as that would bring mayhem I decided to quickly run home (Im basically just up a bank) as there were other adults watching and his brother was there! Boy was i wrong!

The fact that he didn’t have his goggles completely threw him and i could hear the shrieking as i ran as fast as my legs could carry me, goggles in hand back to the pool.  (I could have beaten any olympic sprinter!) As I arrived back at the pool.  I was met with angry yelling from my child, not to mention screaming – it was all too much for him.

As I was telling him to calm down, I noticed, yet again we were the centre of attention!  Then some child in the pool knocked Jordys pool noodle out of his hands.  Oh boy, did we all hear about it.  Then we had some other little girl crying because she got a fright from Jords screaming.  (I of course explained to the mom)

I wanted to dive into the water and not surface!

A major NEGATIVE in my day today.

But i remained calm.  I asked him nicely to stop and i waited.  It didn’t take long and he calmed himself and then the most amazing thing happened.  He swam over to me and said “Im sorry Mommy”-

Had my son just realised his behaviour was inappropriate and he was apologising!!!!  A major POSITIVE in my day.

This was the first time he had realised on his own and used the correct response an apology! He then told me that he loved me.  To which I obviously replied that I loved him more than anything and that I appreciated him saying sorry.  Then I decided to chance it.  I said, “you know Jordy, when you screamed like that, you gave that little girl such a fright, maybe you should apologise to her too”and too my amazement he went over to her and said “I am so sorry “.

So there you have it…. A negative can be a positive ! and as fast as a blink of the eye your absolute low can turn into an absolute high!  Just remain calm, explain when you feel it necessary, and believe !  Believe that you will always find the positive in whatever the situation – It gives you strength for the next hurdle.


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