Change can be so scary.  We find comfort in doing the things we are used to doing.  We find comfort in friends, family, people we know.  We find comfort in familiar places. We find comfort in things we know.  The unknown scares us (well at least me it does), meeting new people sometimes makes us nervous. Having to move to new surroundings, new jobs, new schools can be a daunting task.  Even more so change can make a mother of an autistic child very scared.

You find yourself asking questions like, how is my child going to cope?, He is doing so well why should i move schools, what if he starts sliding backwards, we seem to have made such progress what if this causes him to regress and so on and so on.

When it came time to move Jordan from his pre-school to Kids First – my nerves were finished….My little boy had a wonderful teacher who treated him as if he was her own.  The two of them had such a bond.  How could I move him away from her and the surroundings he is used too?  After having to put my trust in my sons therapists who believed wholeheartedly that this was the right move we started at Kids First…..  And what happened – my child started to make progress, every small step was a huge accomplishment –  so much so that a year later he was accepted into a school that we had applied to previously – but he had not met their criteria.. now he did – HUGE!

And so…..  mother had to make another scary decision…..Do I move from Kids First, he is doing so well, making so much progress…the what if’s started to flood my mind again.  No amount of driving round the block of his new school peering into the grounds the few months before he was to go for his assessment helped.  i was still nervous.  This was such a big school compared to his family type feel of Kids First.  What was going to happen to my poor child, would he cope.  Again not knowing the outcome caused me to worry about the change and whether we were doing the right thing.

But by putting my trust in the guidance of his therapists, not to mention toughening up and becoming brave we made the change.

And again… child has progressed in leaps and bounds.

And so I can honestly say, no matter how difficult it may seem, or how scared you may be (whatever the circumstances). Change at the right time can be the right thing to do.  You just have to toughen up, trust your gut and believe in your heart –  then anything is possible.




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