A little introduction into who I am…..

Every year usually towards Christmas time I start thinking about what I am most grateful for for Christmas. I try and reflect on what blessings I have received that year and also reflect on all of the obstacles we have overcome. This however is the first year I am posting it in my blog!

I do this because 7 years ago my life changed….
Heres a little bit of our background – You see I am a mom to two wonderful boys, Dylan (aged 11 ) and Jordan (aged 10). My youngest son Jordan, was diagnosed with Atypical Autism at age 3. Words cannot explain the total devastation and loss that I felt. It took me a long time to come to terms with his diagnoses. I went through all of the emotions imaginable.
I felt alone, lost, betrayed. Little did I know back then that I was embarking on an amazing journey and no I was not facing it alone! When I look back on the past years when I thought I was facing it all alone my hand was being firmly held!….not only did I have my faith but I had amazing friends come into my life to help me in ways that they would never realise.

Don’t get me wrong bringing up a child, let alone one on the spectrum is not a walk in the park, and is definitely not for the faint hearted..… I had to seriously learn to “wear a thick skin”and as one of my friends put it “not to sweat the small stuff”.

But amazingly every year has gotten better and I have learnt that if you look for the blessings in your life you will find them!

In my further posts…..hopefully to come soon…..I will tell you more about us and how we learnt to find our blessings.

Heres hoping that 2015 is filled with many blessings and that we all look hard enough to find them.


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