Can a positive come out of a negative……..indeed it can!

Today I took my boys down to the complex pool and boy did we make a grand entrance! With todays extreme heat there were lots of people at the pool. Some swimming, some sitting in the shade of the trees. As soon as we walked into the pool area Jordan realised he didn’t have his … More Can a positive come out of a negative……..indeed it can!

Do you judge?

Today I saw a clip posted to Facebook on how people react to kids with Autism who have some “quirky” behaviours.  For those of you who have not come into contact with Autism you may think these kids are just naughty, or that their parents cannot control them.  You see, you cannot physically see Autism … More Do you judge?


Change can be so scary.  We find comfort in doing the things we are used to doing.  We find comfort in friends, family, people we know.  We find comfort in familiar places. We find comfort in things we know.  The unknown scares us (well at least me it does), meeting new people sometimes makes us … More Change

Brotherly Love

I am in awe of an amazing boy – Dylan!  Yes, he is my son and therefore naturally I would think he is the best child on earth!  But I do so for many more reasons. You see Dylan had to grow up so very quickly when his brother was born.  He had to learn … More Brotherly Love

Thinking Back…….

When Jordan was 3.5 years old I needed to go back to work and so he started pre-school.  He was still non-verbal at the time and unfortunately we were still battling with potty training!  I found an amazing pre-school close to my work and he started going.  I found it more difficult to leave him … More Thinking Back…….